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Modern technologies in education – WLAN networks


A modern school, and thus modern technologies in education, cannot exist without access to a wireless network. Regardless of whether we are talking about schools, kindergartens, universities or other educational buildings. Internet access is required. A safe wifi network is the basis for the use of modern technologies in education at every stage of education.


WLAN networks in education


WLAN can help with education. The use of this solution favors access to digital information. In other words – it facilitates learning, getting to know the world, but also contact with students, teachers and parents via e-journal.

A wireless network that supports modern technologies in education. however, for this to be the wifi should be available throughout the building. In addition, the network should offer full bandwidth and be available to the maximum number of users.

nowoczesne technologie w edukacji wifi

In order for everything to work flawlessly, it is extremely important to use the load balancing function in lecture halls, libraries and large lecture halls. Its task is to distribute clients among several access points. This ensures that a single access point or channel is not overloaded while others are idle. This happens when access points “see” each other. Although the 5GHz frequency band does not offer the same range, it does allow multiple channels to overlap and increase the flow.

In places such as large lecture halls, thorough 5GHz coverage of the entire area where Wi-Fi connectivity is to be available is essential. In this way, you can easily avoid possible dropped connections, as well as increase the efficiency and performance of the entire system.

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