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Extreme Network Technologies

Extreme NSight

The NSight platform provides access to a broad set of information collected by the ExtremeWireless WiNG operating system, allowing you to view data in an intuitive interface in real time or at a selected time interval, which facilitates trend analysis and maximizes the benefits of WLAN network management.

Extreme AirDefense

The ExtremeWireless AirDefense Services Platform (ADSP) simplifies the management, monitoring and security of WLAN networks through 3 sets of features: Security & Compliance, Network Assurance, Proximity Awareness & Analytics, in a modular architecture for flexibility and minimizing implementation costs.


ExtremeGuest is a comprehensive guest interaction solution that enables retail operators to personalize customer experiences by understanding their behavior and interests, which allows them to tailor services to their real needs.


To counteract the greatest security threats, enterprises need detailed control over IoT users and devices, and consistent network policies. Our solution provides centralized control and visibility, covering all endpoints in one simple, flexible control panel.

ExtremeCloud WiFi

Managing your WiFi network from the cloud allows you to remotely secure your network and integrate new devices, regardless of the scale of the environment. This ensures optimal bandwidth for key applications, while maintaining high quality of services for end users. That’s why companies prefer cloud-managed solutions.


ExtremeLocation is a cloud-based solution offered as a subscription service that provides enterprises with scalable and efficient location services that meet new business requirements. With detailed monitoring, from geo-location to micro-location, it enables real-time and historical analysis for thousands of branches, taking into account various application scenarios.