Protection of devices in access area

Because most security breaches have their origin on end devices, enterprises need detailed user and IoT device controls as well as consistent policies across the entire network infrastructure. Our access control solution offers centralized and detailed visibility and control of all endpoints in wired and wireless networks within one simple, flexible and easy to use control panel.

ExtremeControl allows the secure implementation of the BYOD and IoT concepts and protects the network against external threats. It allows for central management and de fi nition of detailed policies, thanks to which it is possible to meet the requirements regarding compliance with various regulations, location services, authentication and application of dedicated policies towards users and devices.

To extend the capabilities of access policies, they can be used automatically as part of Smart OmniEdge, Automated Campus and Agile Data Center solutions.

ExtremeControl solution for network access control integrates with major corporate platforms, including technologies in the field of network security, mobility management, analytical, operating in the cloud and designed for data centers. In addition, open Northbound APIs are available to create custom integrations with key enterprise systems.


Benefits of using ExtremeControl:
  • network security through detailed control of policies and visibility,
  • extremely simple and secure introduction of guests and IoT devices into the network,
  • full network visibility thanks to advanced reporting and notification functions,
  • fewer security vulnerabilities due to an assessment of the security status of end systems,
  • expanding integration with security tools through next generation firewalls.