Extreme NSight

Wireless WLANs are now the key to the business success of almost any organization, they provide real data that streamlines everyday tasks, improves customer service and reduces the possibility of errors, which often translate into lower profitability, a decrease in sales or a loss of customer confidence.

To achieve the required level of reliability, you need continuous access to information about the status of your network. You need the right information to solve problems quickly. In addition, you need information to budget and plan the development of a wireless network to suit the demand for bandwidth from the ever-growing number of users and applications. Extreme NSight platform provides all this information.

NSight provides real insight into the operation of the WLAN, which is necessary to properly protect the network environment and the critical data it carries every day. This flexible management software gives you access to a wide set of information collected by the ExtremeWireless WiNG operating system, which can be viewed in an easy-to-use interface, in real time or any selected time interval for the purposes of trend analysis. Only thanks to Extreme Networks NSight platform you can get more benefits from WLAN network management system.


Benefits of using Extreme NSight:
  • flexible reporting possibilities,
  • efficient interactive maps visualizing the network and simplifying management,
  • WiFi analytics,
  • visibility of the application,
  • reporting and troubleshooting,