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WLAN wireless local area network – what is it?

WLAN is an abbreviation of the English “Wireless Local Area Network”. It is a type of computer network that allows you to transfer data such as: voice, video, Internet, applications, etc. without the need to use tangles of cables. Everything happens via radio waves.

This technology allows you to build a wireless data network with remote connection of many devices. Radio waves are used as a medium. They carry signals in the range of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. See which wifi band to choose?



WLAN technology construction and application:

Building a WLAN network is very quick, low cost, with good range and satisfactory parameters. For this network to function properly, access points, power supply and Internet access are sufficient. However, for larger installations, a local, but also a virtual controller for central management or a controller operating in a cloud service.

We usually deal with WLAN in places where users want to have constant access to the network. This is characteristic especially for large office buildings, airports or hotels. More and more apartment owners are also deciding to install a WLAN network. WLAN technology makes it possible to offer “an apartment for rent with access to the Internet in the price of rent”. In single-family houses, WLAN allows Internet access in all rooms, but even in the garage or in the garden.


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    Bezprzewodowa sieć lokalna wlan

    The advantages of WLAN network:

    1. The WLAN network is a symbol of mobility – WLAN is a perfect solution when you want to connect at least several devices to the network – computers, telephones, tablets, printers or scanners.
    2. Easy and quick installation – no wires needed.
    3. Guaranteed access to the Internet with a large range.
    4. WLAN is characterized by high flexibility in connecting various devices – this network can be easily modified and extended.


    Do you want to know the advantages of installing a WLAN wireless local network in your company?

    WLAN and Wi-Fi:

    In Poland “Wi-Fi” is often used synonymously instead of “WLAN”. Although these terms refer to two different issues, they refer to the same thing. The differences are as follows:

    • WLAN does not require a cable connection
    • WLAN uses branded wifi products
    • The Wifi network is a device that complies with the IEEE 802.11 standard.
    • Wifi devices are WLAN ready.