ExtremeGuest is a comprehensive comprehensive solution for interacting with guests, which gives operators of retail outlets the opportunity to personalize customer experiences by understanding their behavior and interests, and thus tailoring services to their real needs.

For example, ExtremeGuest can provide information on how many customers visit a given store, how often and how much time they stay in it. What’s more, commercial branch operators can also take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media to increase their brand presence in the network, improve its recognition and learn about demographics and customer preferences in a more comprehensive and personalized way.


Benefits of using ExtremeGuest:
  • centralized and integrated solution,
  • sharing and managing access over multiple networks,
  • scalability,
  • support up to 10 million users,
  • flexibility and ease of use,
  • single login via social networking account or SMS,
  • intuitive operation,
  • fast user interface,
  • extensive analytical capabilities,
  • use of social media,
  • device analytics,
  • comprehensive reporting functions Customizable,
  • own welcome pages,
  • unlimited number of control panels.