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Meet our business partners in the area of wireless WLAN networks


Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks Inc. together with its subsidiaries, is a market leader in software-supported network solutions for corporate clients. As part of a total solution from the data center to the access point, Extreme designs, develops and manufactures hardware for wired and wireless network infrastructure and creates software for network management, policy, analytics, security and access control.

The company helps customers and partners "Connect Beyond the Network" by creating world-class application and networking solutions aimed at solving a wide range of problems faced by enterprise IT departments. Thus, the importance of the IT department in every organization increases.

Extreme Networks has over 20,000 customers in more than 80 countries, demonstrating that customer relationships go beyond simply selling products. The customer service department consists entirely of employees of the company, which translates into the lasting success of organizations of all sizes, including globally recognized business, educational, public, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications and hospitality institutions and enterprises.

IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the development of cloud solutions make reliable and secure Internet connectivity crucial for the success of an enterprise. In times of rapid change and market transformation, it is essential to offer a focused solution characterized by automation, simplicity and high quality, which is additionally supported by a world-class customer service department. With the increase in the number and requirements of users, applications, data and devices using the network, Extreme Networks meets the needs of IT departments and helps them meet constantly changing business needs. It offers solutions based on a software-based approach to network management, control and analytics.

Check Point

Check Point

Check Point is a global leader in Internet security. The company has been operating since 1993 in the field of protection against dangers and threats of computer networks in organizations. It provides customers with uncompromising protection against all types of threats, while consolidating and reducing costs.

The Check Point company assumes that detection is of little importance nowadays. The main focus should be on prevention. This Israeli company has a database of over 250 million addresses analyzed for bot detection, approximately 11 million malware signatures and 5.5 million infected websites.

The quality of solutions and the level of security is confirmed by, among others, constant presence in the upper right corner of the Gartner square, very high NSS LABS test results and, above all, the trust of over 100,000 enterprises and millions of users around the world

Check Point offer

  • Detection and control of used applications
  • Support for advanced user authentication to enforce defined policies
  • Ensuring network gateway security with a single dedicated device