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Automation of production – start with WLAN


WLAN has its application in the production area. It helps to coordinate the work of production devices, as well as manage communication between them. This is done using the single domain SSID concept. Such minimization of the number of beacon frames significantly increases the efficiency of radio communication. Similar solutions can also be found in warehouses. Read more logistics solutions – WLAN network.

Automation of production and safety

Production automation is not possible without ensuring adequate security. Protecting employees, but also securing data and networks are the priorities of every company that focuses on modernization.

Network security technical issues

When it comes to the problem of security on the production line in terms of WLAN, there are a few purely technical issues to bear in mind.

First, we need to move away from WEP security, which is now considered outdated and easy to break. They should be replaced by the newer 802.11i standard, i.e. WPA2, and the new WPA3 standard.

In addition, access points and controllers should be protected against fraudulent AP activity by WLAN clients. They categorize the sources of interference and, if necessary, are able to take remedial action.

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    Security against hacker attacks


    Due to the fact that hacking activities are also popular in the network environment, it is necessary to protect the network against unauthorized access. It is worth additionally training the staff in this area.

    For a good start, you can do a security audit, which will show where there are any security gaps that need to be eliminated. The next move should be to change the existing, though not fully working, solutions. And finally – later – the introduction of new ways of using WLAN in production.

    Of course, each new solution must go hand in hand with training in their implementation, as well as ongoing updates and technical support and service in this area. This should not be forgotten either.

    IBCS Poland is an IT company that has been operating on the market for over 20 years. Among the services we offer, you will find activities in the field of warehouse management systems, from the installation of WLAN networks to the implementation of WMS systems.

    Automatyzacja produkcji

    Do you want to perform a network audit to improve the security and quality of production automation?

    See what we can offer you:

    • Results of analysis of the current state of the radio spectrum.
    • Detection of the causes of poor coverage.
    • Inter-channel interference checks.
    • Recognition of factors overloading the network.
    • Classification of possible network (eg WiFi or LAN network) and data security threats.
    • Matching the frequency of access points to the environmental conditions.
    • Network Optimization Recommendation Report. Including PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology, which bases the functioning of the network on one type of cable.

    If the network implementation is carried out according to the recommendations of our specialists, you can save up to 50% of the costs on cabling alone.