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Application of the Internet in transport


Nowadays, the choice of given means of transport depends not only on the comfort of travel. Added values, which set the standard of travel, have an increasing value for service users.

People are increasingly using means of transport to move between cities. One of the reasons is the extra time when traveling that they can use for work, entertainment or online communication. Therefore, there is no need to explain how important the current and fast access to the Internet on buses, trains or planes is. WLAN networks will be used in all means of transport.


The use of the Internet in transport allows to improve the quality of services offered. All kinds of WLAN solutions are based on location. In this way, it is easy to locate devices equipped with wireless network cards or special locators with built-in emergency buttons or motion sensors.

In public transport, WLAN is used for traffic control systems. It is so, e.g. on the train, bus or subway. In addition, WLAN is used to share the Internet in public transport vehicles. Foreign tourists are especially eager to use it.

Zastosowanie Internetu w transporcie sieci WLAN


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