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Using wifi in the hotel


Wifi in the hotel is now a “must have” for guests. It is hard to imagine rooms without Internet access for people on a business trip or just relaxing. Access to the wireless network is ensured not only by large hotel facilities, but also by motels, hostels and guesthouses. This is a great convenience that raises the question: is the hotel wifi safe?


Fears about wifi security in hotels are not only their owners. Access to people’s data or other administrative issues of the facility, in the case of wireless networks, become easy prey for hackers. Also for hotel guests, network security is crucial. Using the Internet on the go may involve sharing a lot of your data, or using applications and bank accounts. So how can hotel owners increase the security of their Wi-Fi network, and thus the protection and comfort of visitors?

Is the hotel wifi safe?

WLAN technology in the hotel industry guarantees, above all, access to high-speed Internet for guests. Currently, it is already a standard service, and Wi-Fi often determines whether guests choose a given place or give it up. What’s more, the entire customer service system in the hotel is based on this solution. It is also an inseparable element of conference rooms rented in hotels.

And that is not all! Advanced WLAN analytical functions help maintain high security standards (this is especially important with a large flow of people, which is particularly characteristic and important for the hotel industry).


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