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Logistics solutions – WLAN networks


Wherever we are dealing with large logistics facilities such as warehouses or production halls, we can encounter the problem of using a traditional cable network. However, the solution for such facilities are wireless WLAN networks. In addition, if you use mobile terminals in logistics processes, the use of WLAN technology will be an additional advantage.


Logistics solutions – challenges


The applied logistic requirements of the company make no sense if we do not take care of constant and quick access to network. Network agility is critical to take full advantage of supply chain optimization solutions.

Many logistics facilities have pallets and racks arranged in such a way that transmission speeds are very low.

Warehouses with flexibly configured racks or a constantly changing structure of pallet storage pose an even greater challenge to the network deployment.

The most demanding areas are full of racks with shelves hung at different heights. Due to such arrangement, the parameters of radio communication can change significantly in short periods of time. The result of deficiencies in network connectivity will be a weakening of quality in supply chain management.

Rozwiązania logistyczne – sieci WLAN


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    rozwiązania logistyczne magazyn

    WLAN technology in the supply chain


    The modern logistics center uses innovative logistics solutions. However, it should be remembered that the company’s logistics capabilities can be efficiently used if we take care of the appropriate quality of the WLAN network.

    The warehouse network primarily supports control functions.

    In addition, direct incoming and reflected radio waves are used in logistics facilities. This is how, using MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, a stable data transmission connection is maintained.

    However, one should remember about a very important issue – to compensate for changing coefficients of reflections and signal attenuation. The operating parameters in the logistics center must be constantly and automatically adjusted.

    How not to interrupt integrated logistics solutions?

    It is worth realizing that the environment of logistics processes is the most critical area of the company’s activity. All because time plays a big role in it. Each failure of the communication network means losses. A logistics service provider cannot afford to interrupt many important work processes in its organization.
    The cooperation of solid hardware with reliable software is key.
    It is also necessary to use certificates that ensure compliance of a given solution with applicable standards. This is especially important if we take into account the constantly growing number of access points and end devices or users/clients.

    Are you looking for other solutions for your company?

    IBCS Poland is an IT company that has been operating on the market for over 20 years. We provide a comprehensive approach to implementations. We support Polish and international companies in increasing the efficiency of logistics processes through the effective implementation of IT solutions and consulting services.

    Our solutions include:

    • WMS warehouse management software
    • equipment from AMR robots to label printers and mobile terminals
    • RFID gates and RTLS system
    • consumables and warehouse marking
    • technical services and equipment service