What is WLAN?

What is WLAN?


WLAN stands for “Wireless Local Area Network”. It is a type of computer network that allows you to transfer data such as: voice, video, Internet, applications, etc. without the need for tangled cables. Everything happens via radio waves. In Poland, “Wi-Fi” is used synonymously instead of the name “WLAN”.

This technology allows you to build a wireless data network with remote connection of multiple devices. Radio waves are used as a medium that carries signals in the range of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The construction of WLAN networks is carried out very quickly, at low cost, with good range and with satisfactory parameters. For this network to function properly, all you need is access points, power and Internet access, in larger installations a local but also a virtual controller for central management or a controller running in a cloud service.

Most often we deal with WLAN in places where users want to have constant access to the network. This is characteristic especially for large office buildings, airports and hotels. More and more often, owners of flats are also choosing to install WLAN, because when they have more of them in one building, they can easily offer “a flat for rent with Internet access included”. It is similar in single-family houses, where WLAN network allows access to the Internet not only in various rooms, but also, for example, in the garage or in the garden.

WLAN is a great solution when we want to connect at least a few devices to the network. Due to the fact that we are more and more mobile, it does not have to be all about computers. More and more often, at least to some extent, we replace them with phones and tablets. They can also use WLAN. Just like a printer or scanner.

Such a network has several basic advantages. First, it is a symbol of mobility. Second, it allows for easy and quick installation – without the need for wires. Third, it guarantees long-range Internet access. Fourth, WLAN is characterized by great flexibility in connecting various devices – this network can be easily modified and extended.