Signal propagation measurement

Measurements carried out by our specialists include comprehensive testing of individual Wi-Fi network operating parameters. The basic test is to check signal strength in a real environment. Then we verify the signal coverage in the tested area. We simulate the coverage of the area with a signal in the event of damage to one or more access points. Our offer includes measurements and analysis of problems in wireless networks in offices, production halls and warehouses.

Standard measurements and analysis include:

  • examination and analysis of the use of channels in the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz band by the client system and analysis of inter-channel interference,
  • testing signal strength of access points used in the customer’s environment, including the presence of blind zones in the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands,
  • signal strength testing in case of failure of one or more access points,
  • research on the impact of other wireless networks on the customer’s environment. SNR (signal to noise ratio) measurements, including the presence of hostile access points (“rogue AP”),
  • analysis of the entire radio spectrum for the presence of foreign networks and interference, including interference not from 802.11 systems,
  • application problems resulting from wireless network problems such as roaming clients, problems with VoIP / Video (jitter, packet loss, round trip packet),
  • examination and analysis of system capacity, including access point performance.

During our measurements we use professional software and hardware that allows us to visually analyze problems, and also gives us a set of tools for so-called “Live troubleshooting” of wireless networks.