In the world of medicine, the operation of the WLAN is best seen in hospitals. Here you can see how important the efficient functioning of this type of solution is. We are talking about an environment where there is no room for poor quality or mistakes – including technological ones.

The maturity and perfect adaptation of this technology is demonstrated by the efficient use of Wi-Fi connectivity by medical equipment that monitors basic vital signs, as well as the patient information system or medical telephony. Even short-term interruptions in the Wi-Fi network may endanger the health and even the lives of patients.

In this case, the key parameter is the availability and placement of individual access points. Everything must be perfectly planned – primarily in terms of infrastructure. The point is that in the event of a failure of one element, neighbouring access points automatically take over its functions, filling the gap. Special mechanisms, which task is to optimize the operation of end systems, enter the work here. Thanks to them, the continuity of communication can be maintained.

And that’s not all! Specialized systems for managing patients’ digital medical data are increasingly used in medical facilities. Moreover, because in the future the requirements for the available bandwidth will be increased by the integration of systems for digital image processing and high-quality image transmission over a wireless network.

Another issue related to WLAN in the medical environment is also the one that directly concerns the patients themselves. It’s all about providing them access to the Internet. Each stay in the hospital is a separation from relatives – often those who live far from the place of hospitalization. Such a solution is for the patient the possibility of maintaining communication with the outside world. Indirectly, it can even affect the patient’s well-being and accelerate the recovery process. This is best seen in children’s hospitals.

What needs to be put above the patient’s comfort, however, is his safety. This should be taken care of first. Therefore, robust authentication methods, clear logical division, and bandwidth control are necessary. It is these elements that must be absolutely considered at the stage of considering the safety strategy for a medical facility.